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Online Office Chair Store Reviews

Answer All Your Questions About Office Chairs Here! Review of

This site has clean and simple design. It is functional without being too flashy. It features large photos of all the office chairs. Beside this the site is rich in descriptive text. The features are all spelled out, along with ample information about the manufacturer. Probably the most useful feature is the diagram showing (not only telling but also showing where each measurement corresponds to.) The customer service phone number is listed on every page, at the bottom. One feature that is really impressive is free shipping on nearly everything in the store. The prices are displayed prominently, both the MSRP and the prices. You can see your savings. Most chairs come with the option of being shipped assembled (for an extra fee), something that can save some headache. Lastly, there is button that gives an explanation of chair terms, near the features menu, to translate technical chair terms into plain English. There is also a contact page where customers can request a bulk price quote on large shipments. As of October 5, 2005 there were about 30 chairs listed on the site in six categories. Site also sells selected non-chair bargain items.

Who should shop here: Good for individuals or business looking to buy single chairs or small to medium size orders of chairs, and not wanting to buy other office furniture items.

Overall Grade 9.0 out of 10

Review of

This site has a wonderful look and feel. It is apparent that they spent some money on developing an attractive design. The site at times, however, seems to emphasize flashiness over substance. The multiple views of chairs and the nice mouse over options are very attractive, easy to use, and informative. The list of benefits and features, by contrast is somewhat skimpy. The measurements of the chairs are nowhere to be found. There is very little copy on this site. Another feature that is nice if you are shopping for a large quantity and variety of chairs is the “Insta-Quote.” This is in place of a shopping cart where you can actually check out and buy directly from the site. Nice if you are looking for a lot of quotes anyways. But it is not as useful for a person wanting to buy only a few chairs and check out right away. A huge plus for the site is the prominent display of a contact phone number. As of October 5, 2005 there were about 30 chairs listed on the site in six categories. Site also sells other office furniture.

Who should shop here: Good for buyers looking for bigger quantities of chairs, and looking to combine an office chair purchase with cubicles and/or other office furniture.

Overall Grade 7.5 out of 10

Note: This scores of these sites are weighted towards small buyers, or people buying smaller quantities of chairs. Sites were chosen based on the fact that they list a similar number of chairs for sale on their websites. Author has not purchased chairs from either site.

by Cameron Hatch
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