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Mesh Back Office Chairs

Answer All Your Questions About Office Chairs Here! Mesh back office chairs are relatively new on the market. They may seem strange but they have some definite advantages over traditional office chairs. The main advantage is that the mesh allows for a much greater airflow in the back of the chair. This may not seem like that big of a deal, but someone working in an environment with no Air Conditioning will notice the difference immediately. People working in an office with AC will notice the difference as well. Even with AC the back padding of the chair insulates your body heat and traps it at the back of the chair and the seat of the chair. (Obviously, this is why you can sit in a chair and instantly tell if someone has been sitting there previous to you.) By allowing the flow of air across the back, these mesh back office chairs allow the heat to dissipate and thereby also reduce stress.

Some worry about the support provided by mesh chairs. This is a valid concern, as not all mesh back chairs are created the same. When buying a mesh back chair it is important to look at whether the chair offers any lumbar support. Even if dealing with an online store vendor, you should be able to see the support designed into the chair (after all, mesh is at least partially see-through.) If you canít see the support in the design of the chair that does not necessarily mean that it is not there, but you should find the contact info for the site you are shopping on to ask about the support. Ask about the elasticity of the mesh material (how stretchy is it). Some mesh materials have very little or no elasticity and therefore may be able to still provide substantial support.

The nice thing about these chairs is that many lines offer mesh high back office chairs as well as mesh mid back office chairs.

by Cameron Hatch
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