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Pre-X-Games Extreme Sports

This video was originally produced in 1985. It has 1980's written all over it. With today's technology all around us it is interesting to look back and see the skateboarding, snowboarding and BMX technology from the old school days.

The set-up and music that accompany this video make it great. The whole "winner" theme that begins with a nice montage of old school skateboard wrecks, snowboard wipe-outs and BMX crashes and then moves on to some more successful attempts and killer tricks.

It is really awesome to see all the snowboards rocking the method airs. It is also cool to see guys with one-directional boards doing flips and 360's. Beside that the clothing is so awesome. It is amazing to see how out of date these guys look. What a change that can happen in 20 years time. There are some awesome BMX tricks. I love the jump into the pool. That is very 1980's. The skateboarding stuff is mostly vert skating, on both half-pipe ramp and pool vert with a few instances of street skating. Overall a very interesting and entertaining video. What a great piece of extreme sports history. This footage comes from way before the X-games.

by Cameron Hatch
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