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Miss South Carolina Miss Teen USA 2007 Q & A

    The troubles of the poor young beauty pageant contest from South Carolina in the 2007 Miss Teen USa competition are like a video of someone getting kicked between the legs, drawing a wincing laugh from those who watch it. These beauty pageants in general are just a tragedy. They cause a lot of self-esteem problems for girls and women all in the name of promoting female self-esteem. Anyway, this poor girl was given a question that completely threw her. Below are videos with that footage and plenty of commentary.

Re: Miss Teen USA 2007 - South Carolina Answers a Question

This is a pretty good tongue in cheek defense of the bumbled answer. It does point to one truth, the stage fright of being in front of a huge studio and television audience can be overwhelming. Then a girl goes and does one of these and will never live it down for the rest of her life. That is part of the tragedy!

Parents of Miss Teen South Carolina

This video is a great spoof of the parents who steer their kids into such tragic pursuits and teen beauty pageants. Misguided parents get their dughter on stage with what they think is good preparation. The pressure is huge on the kid, the chances of NOT winning also very, very high (98% chance of not being the winner)! The kid has so much emotional investment riding on the outcome that it practically setting your kid up to fail and be crushed.

Miss Teen South Carolina vs. Bush

At least this video shows that even someone who is not the best extemporaneous speaker in the world can achieve something in life!

Miss Teen South Carolina Calls 911

This one is a little bit mean. But it is still very funny. Poses the question, can Miss South Carolina successfully place a 911 call?

It is perhaps the beauty queen moms who are most to blame. Due to some need for attention that they have, they push their little baby daughters into these completely shallow and meaningless competitions. Thereby they get their baby daughters also locked into this cycle of seeking self reassurance and self-actuation in a place that is likely only to bring heart-ache and dissapointment. It is no coincidence that Donald Trump is the perveyor of this kind of shallow endeavor.

by Cameron Hatch      
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