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Experiments in the Revival of Organisms

This Soviet era footage was very likely shot in the 1950's. What a great era of scientific experimentation, when they are keeping the body parts and organs of dead animals alive beyond the death of the creature.

While there is no clear need for keeping a dead dog's head alive in this video, there can be some solace in the thought that perhaps experiments like this one have led to the ability to prolong the life of organs used in transplants, thus providing more opportunities to save lives.

There is very little chance that research of this nature would be tolerated today. The human society and other animal rights groups would quickly shut it down. And as creepy as this video footage is, that probably would not be a bad thing. This reminds me a little of the doctor Frankenstein thing. I wonder if those darn commies ever tried to put the random animal parts and organs back together to from some new monster? At any rate, like I said, let's hope that this weird research yeilded some scientific progress.

by Cameron Hatch
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