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Demolition Derby Soccer

This little game of auto-soccer quickly turns into some car crushing madness. What a great twist on the classic demolition derby and race track events. This is a step up in excitement from the bump and pass races and the figure 8 race track!

In a way this invention reminds me of hockey. In hockey, just like in auto soccer, the stated purpose of the game is to score a goal. From a spectator point of view the desire is to see as many thrills, spills, smashes and wipe-outs as possible. This variant of the classic demolition derby adds a lot of excitement to this automobile based form of motor sports entertainment.

Even though you can tell the drivers are trying not to get too reckless in their stunt driving, there are a few glimpses where they let loose. The partial roll-over is a bit exciting.

Spectator events where there is an expectation of disaster and destruction reveal some weird part of the human experience that enjoys watching the pain and misfortune of others.

by Cameron Hatch
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