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Roller Skating Film Footage 1909

Hard to imagine that the images shown here depict cutting edge technology and the height of fashion. I guess it just goes to show how much those two things can change over a century!

It is hard to believe that the sport of roller skating is over 100 years old. But this old film footage is proof positive to that effect. In light of where the sport is today, it is safe to say that wheels on shoes have come a long way in the past century. From roller skates to roller blades. From clip on skates to retractable wheels in the soles of the shoes (a la heelie's). There have been some interesting stops along the way (ie roller derby) but no sport is without its growing pains. The question some forward thinking viewers might ask themselves is 'what will the next 100 years bring to wheels on our shoes?'

by Cameron Hatch
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