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Operation Kitten Calendar Complete Season 1

Acceptable.TV has created a gem of a show with this reality TV spoof. This seems to be one of their favorite genres to spoof, but this one is perhaps the best. It in some strange way reminds me of the apprentice with Donald Trump, which makes this funny on a whole other level. Enjoy these hilarious videos where aspiring photographers try to be the next great force in the kitten calendar industry.

Episode 1

At first you can't help but ask yourself "what is this all about?" But after one episode you will want to watch them all. This page hopes to help you be able to do that!

Episode 2

Episode 3

Episode 4

Don't miss the exciting and unexpected season finale of Operation: Kitten Calendar!

Episode 5 - The Reunion

Now you know the origins of the world cutest kitten photograph ever! Will you ever look at a kitten calendar the same way again?

by Cameron Hatch
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