Interesting articles hatch around here! Baby name meanings may be a big deal to some parents, but other parents name their babies without knowing what those names mean!

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How to Name a Baby?

During my times as a teacher at a public high school in the Bronx, students would from time to time ask me, "Yo mister, you got kids?" After my reply in the negative the follow-up question would then come, "Yo, mister, you married?"

I preface this piece with that information just to let you know that at present juncture I do not have any children of my own, so these ideas come not from my own experience but from general observation and the experience of others. Still, this information as to how to go about naming your baby is useful as a general guide.

You can get baby name ideas just about anywhere and everywhere. My parents got the idea for my name in the credits of Western Movie they watched. One of the supporting actors in the film had the last name Cameron. They had no particular affinity for the actor specifically, but liked the name and made a mental note of it. Then when they had their second baby boy, they gave me the name Cameron.

In my own life, I have found that one activity my wife and I enjoy quite a bit is just coming up with possible names for our future children. As a newly married couple we brainstorm baby names on long car trips or around the house. One or the other of use will usually get a trigger somewhere that makes us wonder, “how would that sound as a the name for a child?” Sometimes we use a trigger we see or hear on the radio and then start coming up with variations of that name as possible baby names.

What is the result of this? My wife and I do not have any written list of baby names we like, but we do have a mental list of names we both like. We have also taken the course of these discussions to the absurd, which has also resulted in names for future pets we do not yet own. We are not only excited about the names we have in mind for when we start having babies, but we can’t wait for our babies to play with our little Scottish terrier named Ralphington.

You can also consider the baby naming method my sister used. I have niece named Adelaide. It is a pretty adorable name for a very adorable little girl. And it also happens to be the name of a city in Australia. There are plenty of great baby name ideas that you can get by looking at an Atlas, map, or globe.

One tough thing about agreeing on a name is that in a marriage each partner will have different connotations for names that prevent them from considering it as a name for their child. After all who wants to give their baby the same name that an annoying kid from high school had.

Aside from considering these connotations, some people might want to learn about the actual meanings of a name before giving it to their baby. To find the meaning of different names, parents might consider looking at a baby name meaning finder. This is of course not necessary, but can be fun. You can even look up your own name. Turns out my name means, “crooked nose,” which I can’t be sure whether my parents knew or not when I was a baby.

Another thing to consider is family names. First names, maiden names, and middle names of family ancestors can be great places to look for fist names and middle names for your babies. It is a great way to tie the different generations together. It can also give living relatives (grandparents and great-grandparents) a strong instant bond to newborn babies, while paying great respect to the namesake.

Aside from all these considerations many people are interested in the popularity of baby names. For some it can be an interesting diversion just to look these names up. For some expecting a baby it might be a valuable resource for finding ideas for baby names. Still others who already have a baby name all picked out might just want to check the list to see where the name fits on the list (if at all).

Wouldn’t it just be a lot simpler if we lived in a primitive culture where the village wise man came immediately after the birth of each baby and named the newborn after the first thing that the child saw?

by Cameron Hatch
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