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Environmentally Friendly Office Chair Mats

Wood office chair mats made by SnapMat, Inc.

Office chair mats are not something that people think of often. In fact, they are thought of so infrequently that people might ask, "what is an office chair mat?" Historically most office chair mats have been made out of plastic or rubber. They are a clear pad that covers the floor near the desk area of a cubicle, workstation of receptionist desk. The purpose is to provide a smooth rolling surface for the chair while at the same time protecting the flooring. Recently companies have begun to release alternatives to the standard plastic chair mat. These new mats made from materials like bamboo and wood offer significant performance advantages. In addition to this bamboo and wood mats are much more eco-friendly than plastic or rubber mats. This article will talk about the environmentally friendly features of the wood office chair mats made by SnapMat, Inc. and the Bamboo Office Chair Mats made by Anji Mountain Bamboo Rug Co.


Wood and bamboo are renewable resources. Plastic and rubber chairmats, are made from petroleum based products. Petroleum (or oil) is not a renewable resource.

Bamboo is a perfect example of an extremely renewable resource. Bamboo can be safely and responsibly harvested in as short as 4 years from time of planting. With such a rapid rate of growth, bamboo is well suited for repeated harvests. Anji Mountain differs from other bamboo product manufacturers in that they wait an extra year to harvest their bamboo. By allowing the bamboo to more fully mature the bamboo harvested is harder and more stable. This translates into longer product life. Anji Mountain Bamboo Rug Co derives its names from the Anji Mountain region of China. The high elevations of this region result in winter freezes and slower growing bamboo stands. This also makes the bamboo harder and more durable.

Wood is another renewable resource. SnapMat chair mats are made from wood and an ultra-tough laminate consisting of 65% recycled material. They resist impacts, scratches, wear, burns and stains. Each mat is hand-made and tested in the USA to ensure the highest quality.

Since they utilize natural materials grown and harvested in sustainable and responsible ways wood and bamboo chair mats represent an excellent choice for environmentally conscious consumers.


Bamboo office chair mats by Anji Mountain Bamboo Rug Co.
While the higher sticker price of wood or bamboo mats may initially seem like a negative, the longer life span of these office chair mats more than offset the up-front investment. Plastic and rubber chairmats wear over time. Eventually these mats become hard and brittle, eventually cracking and deteriorating. Exposure to intense sunlight can speed up this process. In some cases these mats have become so hard and brittle that they have broken into sharp shards, posing a hazard to employees who might be injured.

Anji Mountain Bamboo expertly carbonizes (naturally removing moisture and oils) and kiln dries (further removing moisture) their bamboo to help prevent cracking and warping. They ensure that your chair mat will be durable and long lasting.

SnapMat, Inc. backs their products with a lifetime warranty. SnapMat, Inc. warrants that its chair mats will be free from manufacturing defects in workmanship or material and will not wear through. SnapMat, Inc. will repair or replace the mat if the mat wears through under normal usage.

Since these mats have a longer life span, they save you money by reducing or eliminating replacement cost. This is also a plus for the environment, because longer life span and fewer replacements means less waste output being put into the environment. It is a winning situation and smart long-term option in more ways than one.

Roll-up bamboo office chair mats by Anji Mountain Bamboo Rug Co.
by Cameron Hatch
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