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Review of Pirate Fever

Do Pirates of the Caribbean hate Organized Labor?.
Pirate Fever is an astounding cultural achievement. It is just the thing for the sea-struck pirate lover who has an itch for maritime marauding but lacks a "hooked hand" of pirate knowledge to scratch it.

In a concise 132 pages author and pirate Eleyne Austen Sharp, known to most knaves and scallywags as "Lady E," packs in the most essential, entertaining, and enlightening information about buccaneers ever to fit into a single book.

The book has a variety of lists, guides, references, stories, histories, bibliographies, and more to keep you chasing pirate related educational and recreational activities and information for years. The pages inside live up to subtitle on the jacket, "The buccaneer's guide to tales, trails, and treasure in North America."

The guide not only covers every possible geographical area of coastline in North America, it covers virtually every possible realm of pirate lore relating to North America, not to mention the all important pirate jokes section. And for you fans of Pirates of the Caribbean, don't worry, the bouch touches on Johnny Depp and Orlando Bloom.

While the book may seems a little disjointed, it still makes for a solid read. That is due to a couple key unifying factors. The first is that Lady E excels in writing prose in the pirate language. For all you who have difficulty with Pirate English, fear not, thar be a glossary of terms in the bow of the boat, I mean the book. Also, a second more in depth glossary of pirate terms adds to yer understanding! Secondly, the book seamlessly weaves truth and myth in such a beautiful way as to make you not really trust everything you read, but at the same time you want to believe that it is true.

Personally, I am most excited about the pages listing movies to host my own pirate film festival. Aside from this you can find information on how to connect with live pirate resources in the form of clubs and events. There is an extensive list of all sorts of pirate related websites, and books. You can find recipes, places to shop for pirate gear. The information goes on and on.

If you have ever had a desire to reach out to the larger world of pirates, this book may just be yer vessel!

by Cameron Hatch
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