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Commentary and Opinion Articles and Resources

'I Hate You, Kelly Donahue' Book Review February 11, 2012
'When Parents Text: So Much Said, So Little Understood' Book Review September 2, 2011
'The Little Black Book of Big Red Flags' Book Review June 25, 2011
'The Chris Farley Show' Book Review March 15, 2011
'What Would Rob Do?' Book Review July 7, 2010
Pick a Vice President that Makes You Look Good April 11, 2009
'The Misadventures of Oliver Booth' Book Review January 21, 2009
Of Reality TV and Fantasy Sports December 17, 2008
Advantages and Positive Sides of Online Games November 12, 2008
Pirates and Lawyers July 25, 2008
Asus EeePC 2G Surf 512MB Product Review March 14, 2008
'Bulldogs in Bloom' Book Review February 14, 2008
Unlikely Book Connections: Mesopotamian Beer February 6, 2008
V-Day: To Bling or Not to Bling January 9, 2008
Review of 'Plato and a Platypus Walk into a Bar: Understanding Philosophy Through Jokes' October 22, 2007
Stone Phillps & Fading Star Power in Network TV News August 11, 2007
Review of 'The Pinball Theory of the Apocalypse' July 26, 2007
Review of 'Pirate Fever' May 23, 2007
Daylight Savings Plan March 13, 2007
Who knows your name in Boston? January 31, 2007
Review of 'The Modern Conman' Collection: Volume 1 Starring Todd Robbins January 25, 2007
Review of 'Spinning Dixie' January 10, 2007
Why do NBA Fights Get More Press that Other Sports? December 20, 2006
Review of 'The Republican Playbook' October 9, 2006
Pansy, Panzer, and Panzie: true origins of the slang term "panzie" August 8, 2006
Become a Prolific Writer July 20, 2006
Do Pirates of the Caribbean hate Organized Labor? July 11, 2006
Kenneth Lay Goes the Way of Enron, CEO's Be Warned July 7, 2006
A Quiet Threat June 29, 2006
Guide to Buying a Used Car June 16, 2006
Review of 'Hippo Eats Dwarf' April 25, 2006
Watching Shawn Alexander in the Super Bole? February 1, 2006
Ray Nagin, Hillary Clinton, Pirates and SNL January 25, 2006
Ray Naganís Chocolate City a Good Idea January 17, 2006
Halloween on a School Night October 31, 2005
The Pottery Barn Is Full of Crap October 18, 2005
The Internet Is Expanding October 10, 2005

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